Every marker wants to be a part of the booming economy. The current global economy is one of the greatest and has immense opportunities for the business people to understand and make ultimate use of it. If you are one of the economic seekers and looking for some best tips to prepare yourself for a great expedition in economic times, then you are on the right page. In this article, we are going to provide you with incredible tips that help to drive into the internet market with ease.

1.     Know how many will use the internet

The vital and fundamental thing you need to know about the internet is the number of people who are involved in internet usage. As per eth economic, strategic study, nearly 327 million people are newly added to the internet users in 2019. There are 4.33 billion active users available currently. The percentage of internet users are increasing day by day without any disturbances. Internet users are one of the fastest-growing niches in the world. If you seed a great interest in internet marketing, knowing these statistics will help you understand the most bit of it.


2.    Which all parts of the world have internet connections?

This is a deep understanding of how you can scale the online market worldwide. There is every part of the world engaged in the internet these days. Al together 57.3% of the world as a whole is involved in the internet loop. This is not an overnight change; the globe has come a long way to hit these statistics. Internet was widely available to the public from 1991, since then there is only an increase in the number of users.

3.    The number of mobile internet users

The world is full of smart technology users. Every person you meet has one or more than one smartphone and a big fat data plan. Everyone is busily engaged in internet business and active life. They will have many reasons to have connected to the internet. And every reason they give is extraordinary and incredible. Currently, 3.9 billion people use mobile internet. Many opt for many platforms of the internet; they possess mobile data, home Wi-Fi and office, and so on.     Every day more than 16% percentage to web trafficking goes on increasing. Mobile phones are the most popular devices which use the internet continuously.
internet users

4.    The average time a person spends on the internet

This is the next essential thing you need to focus upon. According to the study, an ordinary person who has a smartphone and has an internet connection spends more than 7 hours of his day on the internet. This data or the stats will give you immense information to start over your eCommerce activity online. More than 66% of internet users these days visit the shopping site more than twice a day.