Top real estate agents can help you find out how much your home is worth and provide valuable insight into the local market. They can also run a pre-appraisal, helping you avoid costly repairs that could deter buyers.

Buyers will be analyzing rooms and storage spaces during showings, so you want to make sure those areas look organized and clean. This may include alphabetizing spice jars in the kitchen or neatly stacking clothes in closets.

Hire a Home Inspector

Home inspections are an important part of the home buying process. They help buyers determine the condition of a property before they make an offer. They can also reveal any issues that could derail a deal or add to the overall cost of the home.

Many buyers include a home inspection contingency in their offer, which gives them the right to ask for the seller to fix certain problems before closing. For this reason, it is important for sellers to hire a home inspector to conduct a pre-listing inspection. Preparing for a home inspection can make the process go more smoothly and help the seller sell their house faster.

If you are planning to hire a home inspector, start by shopping around. You may find that some inspectors have a better reputation than others, and it is always best to work with a reputable company. You should also be sure to read the inspector’s reports and customer reviews before hiring them. It is also a good idea to shadow the inspector during the inspection so you can learn more about their work and ask questions.

Home inspectors look for a variety of things in a home, including structural damage, leaky roofs and electrical wiring. They also check for any issues with the home’s plumbing, heating and air conditioning. The best way to prepare for a home inspection is to clean your house and remove any clutter. This will make it easier for the inspector to access all areas of the home and will reduce any distractions. You should also replace any light bulbs that are out and test all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

In addition, it is a good idea to trim any overgrown trees or shrubbery. This will improve the curb appeal of your home and make it more appealing to potential buyers. Finally, you should also ensure that all sink and tub drains are clear so they don’t raise any red flags for buyers.

While it is tempting to skip a home inspection, doing so can be very costly. If significant problems are revealed, you will need to either pay for them yourself or lower your asking price. However, if you are aware of any problems before they are discovered by the buyer’s inspector, you can address them and save yourself thousands of dollars in repair costs.


Buyers want to envision themselves living in your house, which is why it is so important for the rooms of your home to be free from clutter. Clutter not only makes your house unattractive, but it can also send the message that you don’t take care of your possessions. You should remember that a clean home sells faster than a dirty one.

To declutter your house, start by removing all items on counters, windowsills, and tables. This will make your home look larger and more inviting. You should also clean out closets, drawers, and cupboards. Buyers will open these spaces to see what they can store there, so it is best to leave nothing to chance. If you have a lot of things to store, consider renting a storage unit until your house sells.

It is also a good idea to remove any signs that you have pets. This includes litter boxes, crates, and pet toys. Lastly, you should give your home a deep cleaning to remove any odors.

When it comes to furniture, try to keep it neutral. Unique color schemes and patterns can be difficult for buyers to visualize. Stick to shades of white, tan, and gray. Also, if your home has a lot of furniture that is in high-traffic areas, like the kitchen or living room, try to replace it with more neutral pieces.

Another important part of decluttering is removing personal items, like photos and memorabilia. This will allow buyers to visualize the space as their own and prevent them from being distracted by your memories.

Finally, it is a good idea to deodorize your house before putting it on the market. This will ensure that the home has a fresh smell and will help it to appeal to more buyers.

Cleaning, decluttering, and making repairs are all essential for preparing your home to sell. By taking these steps, you can expect a faster sale and higher offers on your home.

Make Repairs

Selling a home is a stressful process that requires careful preparation. It’s important to hire a top real estate agent, but you should also take the time to make any necessary repairs or improvements before listing your property. These steps can increase the chances of your home selling quickly and for a higher sales price.

When a prospective buyer tours your house, they should be able to easily imagine themselves living there. That’s why it is crucial to depersonalize your space by removing any items that may be distracting. Whether it’s family photos on the mantel or patterned curtains in the bedroom, depersonalizing will give potential buyers a blank canvas to envision how they might use the space.

Another important repair to consider is replacing old light bulbs with new LED lights. Old bulbs produce a yellowish light that can make your space look dingy. By switching out the bulbs, your house will feel fresher and more inviting for visitors.

It’s also a good idea to replace any worn or damaged flooring in your home. Worn carpeting can be a turnoff for many prospective buyers, and replacing it will help your home to look more appealing.

Buyers will be interested in your storage spaces, so it’s a good idea to clean out and organize closets and cabinets. It’s a good idea to alphabetize spices in the kitchen, neatly stack dishes, and organize clothing. Having well-organized storage spaces will make your home appear bigger and more spacious.

Lastly, it’s a good idea to repaint the exterior of your home with neutral colors. Avoid choosing bright or bold colors, as they can be a turnoff for some potential buyers. Also, consider hiring a professional landscaper to trim bushes, pressure wash sidewalks and driveways, and add some flowers to your front yard.

Getting your house ready to sell takes a lot of work, but it’s worth the investment. A home that is in better condition will likely sell faster and for a higher sale price. By taking the time to make any necessary repairs before listing your home, you’ll save yourself money and stress down the road.


Whether or not you hire a professional home stager, it’s always important to improve your home’s curb appeal before putting it on the market. This will give potential buyers a good first impression of the house and encourage them to see it as their next home. Make sure the grass is mowed, the shrubbery is well-trimmed, and the sidewalks and driveways are clean.

Staging also helps potential buyers to envision themselves living in the home, which can increase their desire to make an offer on it. Stagers combine architecture, aesthetics and furnishing to manifest what really makes a house appealing to potential buyers. For example, a stager can use furniture to draw attention to your home’s architectural features or turn a small kitchen into a cozy retreat.

If you don’t want to spend money on staging the entire house, consider focusing on one or two key rooms. This will help potential buyers get a better sense of what the home is like to live in and could inspire them to bid well above the asking price. If your house needs to be appraised as part of the buying process, staging can also make it more likely to appraise at or close to its listed price.

In the end, staging your house for the real estate market is important because it can help you sell it more quickly and at a higher price. When potential buyers can picture themselves entertaining guests in your dining room or soaking in your spa tub, they are more likely to make an offer. And if they’re emotionally invested in the property, they are less likely to back out of the deal or ask for concessions after inspections.

A professional stager can help you prepare your home for the real estate market by highlighting its most desirable features, making it more attractive to a wider range of potential buyers, and helping you avoid costly mistakes. By spending just a few hundred dollars on a consultation, you can save thousands of dollars when it comes time to sell your home.